9 am - 9 pm. Many, many rides, meeting princesses, dancing in parades—and Lucy was fantastic throughout the entire day. So were her Mom and Dad :)

First ride of the day: Dumbo. Once Lucy discovered she could make the elephant go up and down, screams of laughter ensued.

The biggest thrill of the day for Miss Lu was meeting the princesses "in real life, and not in their movies." We waited in line for over an hour, but we lucked out—just before our turn, they changed the princesses, and out came Lucy's dream line-up: Belle, Ariel, and Tiana. When I asked Lucy who she'd most like to meet that day, she said "Ariel, because she's my favorite, and Belle, because she is too. And Princess and the Frog [Tiana]." And there they all were!

Belle (Lu's a little awestruck)

Ariel, who was absolutely darling with Lu

(seriously, look how excited Lucy is!)

and Tiana!

Dramatic posing while waiting for the Winnie-the-Pooh ride

My favorite picture of our family that day

We were walking to Frontierland (I think ...) and glanced down a little side path and there was the Fairy Godmother. There were only a few people in line to see her since she was a bit hidden out of the way (I would have been too—it was hot, and her costume had to weigh a gazillion pounds!), so we were able to meet her and Miss Lu asked for her autograph :)

At the rocket ride near the end of the day—Nick tried to tell Lucy it was just like Dumbo (implying she'd already done this ride) and that just convinced Lucy she needed to do it because Dumbo had been so fun.

And ... we're done! A quick stop on Main Street for Lucy's promised stuffed animal and hat, and we were on our way "home." Tired? Yep (Lu fell asleep in the car). Fun? Definitely.

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