How I woke up this morning

With Lucy crawling into bed beside me, then ducking down under the covers and calling loudly into my belly button "Hello Baby Brother! Can you hear me?" repeatedly. After each attempt, she'd pop her head back out of the covers and say "Did he hear me? Did he kick?"

She's so excited to meet the baby. Every day it's "I wonder what he'll look like?" and "Can he walk yet?" and "I know! I can read him stories when he's crying!"

Yesterday she drew a picture while in the car: her, baby brother, and the words "I love you." When she showed it to me, she said "Hey Mom, you know what all those spots and lines are on my face? They're tears of joy!"

Yep. Tears of joy. Let's hope this holds out through the baby's arrival and then some. He'll be a lucky kid with a big sister like that.

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  1. Keep a permanent record of her happiness, to remind her. Like how Dad wrote in my journal how much I prayed for and wanted a little ... sister. Hmmm, maybe Lucy and I have something in common here. Watch out for ... well, all those embarrassing things I did to him.