Oh boy ...

We went to have our 20-week ultrasound today. Nick came to keep Lucy under control. She was still concerned that the baby was going to "come out black and white." And when the tech confirmed that the baby was still a boy, Lucy piped up "You can tell he's a boy because he doesn't have any hair!" (Just like Daddy ... :) That had the tech laughing (and Nick and I too).

Here are the pictures!


(gender confirmed—looking up from beneath)

(3-D, with his arm by his ear)

(3-D, same shot from a different angle)

(3-D, with both arms up by his mouth. His nose is just above his right arm)

(3-D, where he's in the middle of rolling around; the "string" going left is the umbilical cord)


  1. Congratulations Jenny! That is so fabulous!

  2. AHHH!!! I just found your blog and I'm so excited to hear you're pregnant!! And a boy!! wahoo! How are you feeling? Miss you guys!