Mr. Nick turns 31

We weren't around last year when Mr. Nick turned 30, which was a pretty big deal as far as birthdays go, and it was a shame not to celebrate it properly. So we decided to make up for it this year with a big barbeque party to celebrate number 31. The way I see it, he's firmly entrenched in his thirties now—there's no going back ...

Our friends Katharine and Ben came and brought their camera—I love the shots that Katharine took (except she's not in them!). Thank you Katharine!

Mr. Nick, grillmaster (the grill was his birthday present)

Our semi-American Gothic

Some serious grilling went on

Good friends 

The kids' "table"

It's actually rare to see so many of them sitting down at once; they mostly ran, non-stop, up and down the stairs and pathways in the backyard, for the entire party

We affectionately dubbed this one the "Napoleon Dynamite" cake

The chocolate almond cake (recipe from the Cake Doctor) was a big hit

Lucy supervised the main event

He earned her approval

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  1. Cute pictures! Happy Birthday Nick! :) Jason is 31 too! They are getting old!