On bums

Lucy: "Hey Mom! Did you know there's more than one word for bum? There's bum, bottom ... um, just a minute." [Runs back to her bedroom, where Mr. Nick was waiting for her to tuck her in bed. Returns.] "Ok, there's bum, bottom, butt, but that's not a nice one, and heiney, and tush, and tush can be tushie too!"

[Lucy leaves, very proud of herself.]

* * *

[Later that evening]

Jenny: "So, what prompted you to teach Lucy multiple words for bum today?"

Nick: "Well, um, I was telling her to put her jammies on and cover her bum, and then I said to cover her bottom and she turned around said 'Wait! Why are there two words for bum?' And so I had to explain ..."

Jenny: "Ah. I see."

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