Things Lucy said to me in the last 60 minutes

"Hey, I really floated on the air!"

"I'm the kung-fu master in charge of teaching all the princesses kung-fu."

"I can do the slow kung-fu and the fast kung-fu. See? This is kung-fu dancing training."

"Kung-fu with Ariel is fun!"

"Let's pretend I'm the pirate captain since I have an eye patch. Here are all my dresses for Sundays on our ship."

"Can I have something to swab the deck with?"

"Mommy, don't walk there! That's where I cleaned the deck for our royal ball!"

"Hey Mom, you can be the royal kitchen cleaner. You can keep the kitchen clean for the princesses on the ship."

"Now let's say we're in a big storm and the only way we can be saved is if we call our whale friend to come over and fill up her hole with water and spray us out of the storm."

"Here Marcie! Come save us! Brrrrrrrrrrr [high-pitched bubbling whale imitation]."

Miss Lu is a pretty fun girl. And I'm a lucky royal-pirate-ship-kitchen-cleaning mom.


  1. I love her outfit! So, why does she have to wear an eye patch?

  2. I love it. Especially Marcie.

  3. Kim, she's got one eye that sees great, and one eye that, well doesn't (it's pretty close to being legally blind). So they're trying to strengthen her weak eye with glasses and by patching the good eye with the hope that they can bring the sight back somewhat. We'll see how it goes ...