At the cabin

Our good friends, Randy and Heather, invited us out to the cabin they were renting with Heather's family for the week in the Santa Fe mountains, about 20 minutes from Pecos in Terrero. It was so fun to see them, relax, and hang out together over the weekend!

Randy, Kiya, Nick, and Lucy

Lucy was in heaven: we were out in the woods, the cabin was right by a river, and there were plenty of kids to play with. And it was only in the mid seventies, so I was pretty much in heaven too.

The grin here should tell you what was one of the highlights: fishing! Miss Lu was pretty excited about the whole fishing thing—she didn't stop talking about it until we went on Saturday morning. The fact that they had a pink fishing pole only made things better.

Mr. Nick was pretty patient teaching her how to cast ... but the part she liked best was holding the pole. The part she didn't like best was the need for patience. Every two to three minutes she'd turn around (she was on my lap) and say something like "I just don't have any luck!" or "I'm not good at this ... where are the fish?"

We had a few nibbles, but they all got away. Some of the older kids brought back some nice trout they grilled for lunch, so we know we were close. My favorite part was watching Mr. Nick cast the line out for Lucy (after a while she gave up on trying to do it herself)—that pole was so little and pink, it looked pretty funny to see him practicing his "swing" to cast the line out with it!

My other favorite photos from the fishing expedition:

Miss Lu gathering daisies (we played "He Loves Me, He Loves Me Not" with them)

Randy fishing with his youngest daughter Lilly 

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