Slugs and Santa

This morning, Miss Lu crawled into my bed (after Mr. Nick fed her breakfast and then left for work) to help me wake up. She was very patient. I was very sleepy.

I was definitely drifting in and out of various levels of consciousness. What eventually woke me up? Lucy's imagination. As I lay there, she developed this amazingly intricate story involving a pirate ship sailing across the sea, finding a whale, and encountering a storm which she steered through admirably with the aid of a hanger (I peeked at one point). 

Then, on land, there was something involving singing ... and then suddenly she was hooking up a giant slug to her carriage to take her to the north pole. There she found Santa Claus; he gave her a special music box (that played CDs) and turned it on. It played "Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star," which she promptly declared to be her "very most favorite." 

I mean, who could resist a story like that? I had to wake up :)

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