Junior: Take 4

So, the bad news is they keep on checking me at the OB's office because I have too much amniotic fluid, which could indicate gestational diabetes.

But the good news is that, since they're checking fluid levels, every time I go in (practically) I get an ultrasound. And the ultrasound tech is really nice and excited about my fluid levels because it means she gets to take clearer pictures. And she likes Lucy (and Lucy likes seeing pictures of baby brother). 

Today was no exception: she got some great 3-D pictures.

This one's my favorite: he was totally kicking around, and it shows the, um, flexibility behind those kicks :)  His right arm is curled up by his head, and that's his leg and foot out in front. And I love the profile: he totally reminds me of Lucy as a baby.

This is about as close as I have to a profile of Miss Lu when she was born. I think they have the same nose and chin going on :) 

Here he's facing the "camera." The umbilical cord is curled on the right side.

Again, Miss Lu for comparison. See the sibling love?

Same pose, just a little bit more of a 3/4 view. Look at his cheeks! 

And one more of the profile with high kick. Hi-yah! 

We can't wait to meet him. Three more months!


  1. Wow, just the thought of touching my toes to my eyebrows hurts! I'm glad they're keeping close tabs on you and I hope that there's no gestational diabetes or other problems. :) Love you!

  2. That is so much fun having those 3d ultrasounds. I didn't get those with my babies. Maybe next time! what a cutie! Is lucy way excited to be a big sister? :)