Pecos National Historical Park

After a morning of fishing, we went out for an afternoon at the Pecos National Historical Park. Once we found it (there were a few issues locating the park itself) we had a great time. I found the history of the place really interesting. (Skip the next paragraph if you're not into history :) 

The mission ruins at Pecos

Pecos is located at the southern end of the Sangre de Cristo mountains, and geographically it has served as a marker of the edge of the plains. The Pecos Indians built a settlement for about 2000 people; for years they served as a trading site between the Pueblo Indians and the plains (Apache) Indians. Then the Spanish conquistadores came in the sixteenth century, which eventually led to the building of a Franciscan mission church that was eventually abandoned in the early nineteenth century. Later in 1862 the Battle of Glorieta Pass (a significant Civil War battle) was fought nearby. In the twentieth century a popular ranch was built; eventually the actress Greer Garson and her husband bought it, became interested in the history of the place, and donated the acreage for the national park. Just lots of interesting things happening all around the place.

View from the ruins

Nick and Lucy emerge from exploring the kiva

Lucy and Lilly study the significance of the ruins

Inside the mission church (the walls were over 4 feet thick!)

Me seeking shade ... (it was pretty hot)

Gorgeous cholla cactus in full bloom

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