Webbs = Winners

So. As the Activities Committee, Mr. Nick and I (with help from our honorary committee member Miss Lu) hosted a ward 5K run/walk in conjunction with a healthy breakfast and a massive clothing swap. There was awesomeness to spare. Behold:

Mr. Nick "winning" the race (ok, just posing after we set up the ribbon)

Miss Lu winning the kids' race. Really. She definitely does not get this from my side.

Mr. Nick handing out the awards to the winners with Miss Lu accepting. 

This all seems to indicate that the entire event was just the Webbs running around and having fun, but there were other people there, and other winners too. But this is a family blog. So it's about one family. One winning family :)

And just to prove I was involved, here's the poster I designed (really quickly) for the event:

Nick was making fun of the guy with the little red box around him, but I assured him it was a design element. I liked it, at least.

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  1. What a great idea! I'm the Activities Chair. I totally want to steal your idea (and the flier). :)