Lucy and my dad

Every so often, out of the blue, Lucy will talk about my Dad. She knows that he's not here, and that one day she'll see him when he's "alive again" (resurrected). 

I'm always surprised by her concern for this man she's never met, and her love for him.

On Thursday evening as we were cuddling, she looked up at me and said "Mommy, I miss my Poppop." When I asked her why she missed him, she answered "Because he's my Poppop." I love her sense of family and her connection with my Dad.

Of course she misses him; I believe he helped her get here. And every time I see this painting by Brian Kershisnik, I think about him, and her, and how happy they'll be to see each other again.

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  1. Why hello!!!! I found your blog today from mormon.org... Searched for gals about my age in North America and saw your pic and it made me happy. I'm so glad that Lu loves your dad--
    what a touching post!

    Sending hugs!
    ckj (Hna. C)