"P" day

(Anna, Bryn, and Lucy's P-work)

I'm always amazed at how much Miss Lu loves preschool. It's just myself and two other moms running a rotating co-op for our three girls. Nothing fancy.

But when she figures out it's Tuesday, the first question is "Do we have preschool today? And then dance?" And when I say yes, she laughs and shouts "Hooray!"

As nice as the break is, I get a kick out of hosting. This week we studied the letter "P"—tons of possibilities. After reading books about Piggie and Elephant (a current favorite), princesses (no surprise there), and poetry (another fave—especially mine ...), we made pizza.

They had a blast watching the yeast "wake up" in the warm water, "feeding" it sugar, oil, and flour, mixing the sauce, grating the cheese, patting their dough into circles—their excitement at being able to pick their own toppings was contagious. I mean, I get to pick toppings all the time! And it's a big deal!

Seriously though, I couldn't get over how big my little girl is getting. As the pizza's baked, they played with the Lego blocks in the front room. When Lucy accidentally bumped her friend's tower, she immediately apologized with a sweet "Oh, I'm sorry Bryn. That was an accident. I didn't mean to. Here, here are some more Legos. Let's fix it." So there's hope :)

They ate their pizza; they filled out their worksheets; they colored penguin pictures. And then they played. They played so well I called their moms and told them to come pick the girls up half an hour later. There are days I really love preschool.

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