Spiritual Tomatoes

We grow a lot of tomatoes, whenever, and wherever, possible. We also eat a lot of tomatoes. Which is why Lucy's thorough aversion to anything that looks like a tomato, or like it contains tomato, is somewhat puzzling. We're not sure where she picked it up. Possibly from her Uncle Steven.
(Part of our harvest from 2008)

Recently, Miss Lu has moved beyond simply letting us know that she doesn't like nor will she consume tomatoes ("Yuck! I hate tomatoes!"; "I hate sauce [spaghetti sauce]!"; "Are those potatoes? I hate potatoes!" [she often uses "tomato" and "potato" interchangeably]). She is now looking for reasons to explain the why of the matter. Here's yesterday's attempt:

Nick: [in kitchen, chopping tomatoes for taco night]
Lucy: "Are those tomatoes? I hate tomatoes!"
Nick: "I know Lucy, but you don't have to eat them. They're for Mommy and Daddy's tacos."
Lucy: "Sometimes, you know, God makes our spirits. And sometimes he makes spirits that just don't like tomatoes. And I have one of those kinds."
Nick: "Oh. Um, okay ..."

My daughter: already learning to shift the blame for her own personal choices onto those she perceives as being ultimately more responsible.

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