Faves at Four (and a half)

This is Miss Lu eating her raspberry yogurt. There are few things this four year old loves more than yogurt at the moment. Although, obviously, princess dresses are pretty high up there too. As are headbands, which she has renamed "crowns." 

Lucy's Top Ten (January 2010 edition)
1. "I like to eat vegetables like strawberries"
2. "Tom and Jerry"
3. "I like to sing this: 'Lullaby, lullaby, lullaby, rock a fruit, lullaby ..."
4. "My puppy" (it's a toy)
5. "Bananas"
6. "My sparkly Sunday dress with flowers"
7. "And I like to draw you and me sitting by each other in sun"
8. "My friend Grace"
9. "I like to dance rainbows"
10. "Duh! I like to go to South America!"

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