Christmastime was here again

Realized today that I never put up the rest of the Christmas pics (here's the first). It was a good year. We stayed in Los Alamos and had our own holiday—Lucy let us know that it was "fun, but not as much fun as cousins." I really liked not having to pack and travel over the holidays, but we did miss our Seattle traditions. Next year ;)

The candy store was set up the week before Christmas. It held out pretty well against Lucy's fairly regular visits.

Gingerbread house decorating is definitely being added to the traditions list.

And, of course, Santa's big reveal. There was lots of running. Early running. And we loved every minute.

(Yes, this Christmas will go down as the year of the games. No, we didn't coordinate or plan in any way. Yes, the puppy game Lucy made me is the most awesome thing ever. Ever!)

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