My momentary faves

Thinking about Lucy's faves made me think about my favorite things (well, at least the things that have caught me eye during the past week). Here's my random roundup:

1. Helvetica Cookie Cutters
(image via Beverly Hsu)
When these are actually produced, they are coming home with me.

2. Books with clever jackets and integrated bookmarks. Someone had a lot of fun designing these!

(image via fubiz)

3. Giant earth art by Jim Denevan.
(image via Jim Denevan's site, which is very fun to explore)

4. Crayola crayon chronology.

(image via Weather Sealed)

5. My discovery of Bon Iver, thanks to cJane. This video makes me happy.

Ok, so I didn't make it ten (aren't you glad?), but five faves is pretty good. Admit it, something in this post made you smile ... come on ... you know it did ... :)

1 comment:

  1. I love ALL of these things, with the exception of Bon Iver (which I will promptly check out). And that's why we're friends.