The Goals

Big and little. Several may be mutually exclusive or overlap, but that's ok.
1. Grandma and Grandpa's photos organized; life histories printed
2. Have a baby
3. Lose 50 pounds (i.e., 45 min. cardio 5 x week; 30 min. strength 3 x week; 30 min. yoga 3 x week. Oh, and track what I eat)
4. Study and prepare for each sunday school lesson
5. Have an article accepted for publication
6. Learn how to make stained glass
7. Keep an ongoing family history for our family
8. Read 50 books
9. Reorganize the roommate chores (it'll be fun Nick!)
10. Prepare Lu for kindergarten: help her be independent, empathetic, and excited about learning
11. Interview Aunt Stell
12. Learn arabic
13. Be a real visiting teacher
14. Go to Disneyland (with Lu and Nick)
15. Daily meditation
16. Keep my hair cut
17. Plan and host 4 parties with Lucy (my, how she loves parties)
18. Read to Lu, something, every day
19. Stop biting my fingernails
20. Attend the temple every month

(Photo via Vintage Printables)

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