The type psychologist was right

In an effort to take a break (also known as procrastinating) from my editorial duties of late, I decided to take Pentagram's interactive type quiz (password: character).

Apparently, I'm emotional, understated, progressive, and disciplined. My typeface? Archer Hairline:

(image via thedonutproject, which I just spent ten minutes browsing and have now added to my bookmarks for future procrastinating efforts)

The doc was right: I love it. And the rest of the family too.

1 comment:

  1. The doc gave me Corbusier Stencil, which is okay in theory but the actual letters they show you have imperfections and smudges that ANNOY me. Oops, sorry doc. I did like the italic font, but my favorite was the Perpetua Titling Light. So perfect! :) Maybe I am understated instead of assertive? That's the only answer different from what I gave.