Dinner conversations

I love the things that come out of Lucy's mouth. Dinner has been especially fruitful lately.

[Monday's dinner: homemade orange chicken, white rice, potstickers, fresh veggie sticks, and broccoli garlic stirfry]
Lucy: [munching away] Mom, I love it when we eat American food!
Nick: What's American food?
Lucy: You know, rice and chicken and this stuff.

[Tuesday's dinner: Papa Murphy's Hawaiian pizza and salad]
Lucy: [Praying] ... Please bless the food ... and, um, errr, hmm ... [long pause] thank you for cousins, and bless the food, and please bless Daddy so he can go to work good, and bless ... the food ...

[later that meal]

Nick: Hey Lucy, how was preschool today?
Lucy: Good.
Nick: How was dance?
Lucy: Good.
Lucy: So, Dad, how was your work?
Dad: Good.
Jenny: [Thinks: Well, that's better than no conversation ...]

(As much as I love Papa Murphys, I wish I'd made some of our homemade pizza ...)

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